An old exploration for a moment of confrontation . This was step one . Two and three to follow .

4 Responses to “G-1d”

  1. Tom Scholes Says:

    Nom nom nom, love these explorations ! Very you !

  2. SIM-R Says:

    Thanks Tom – though I don’t know if they are me anymore…..nearly five years ago at this point .
    Still – it def was fun at the time !

  3. Tim Says:

    All of these “Pitch” pieces are great, though for some reason I’m particularly drawn to this one. It might be all the leading lines that pull you kicking and screaming into the gnarled core deep in the frame.

  4. SIM-R Says:

    Cheers Tim – the villain went through many iterations and conceptual ideas . Some of these went really dark , as you’ll see in some future posts .

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