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The final stage – poor little guy.





*Same : cropped closer.


As the machine came closer to “oh”  I really wanted to portray the David and Goliath principle multiplied by  a large number –  then add steroids to it. Scale. I sketched various forms in zbrush. Textured/lit/rendered in zbrush. Then painted in photoshop. Again – fun times. Good people. Makes a project fun to work on.




So after a few concept sketches and rough models in zbrush this was put together. I had a short turnaround on this sequence and had to put ideas out quickly for the gorg machine that would eat the earth. Having met with the director and the team a few days were spent putting  together ideas for what I thought might work and show them for inspection. Tim was sold. Mission accomplished.  Probably some of the faster work I have done in quite a while. Fun. Destruction is always fun.    ;)





Invading forces.


Not sure if anyone stops by the blog anymore but here’s a new one.

Been a while since I posted one of these. A warm up. From the place I was made. Relaxing. Have to do more of these.



I put a crop of this on insta allready. Yeager running full tilt to escape the heat………… More at the main story on the link for ” soft days ” above. Presently working on part two.



Closer and with a dash of color variance. Also – noise of the smaller rocks in the fg against the simple washes of the bg.



Again – another simple poster design. Uniform color, graphic blacks and shapes. A bit of mystery? And again – scale…Yeager out on a ledge .




Adjusted the gallery site with some code etc …….. seems to work better?

It now loads on a phone or a tablet with a super simple interface – sorta 1995 looking , but hey… works. I’ll get something better at some point.

Anyway – look at it on a bigger screen if you can. I had wide screens in mind when I put it together.

Sketches from part two soon – some are on instagram already others I’ll post soon enough.

Here’s one you’ve probably seen already, if you have not ….head over and take a look. Link on the top – Soft days.







Tried to stay simple with this one – pictured it as a held shot with the jet trail smoking along as the ship flies forward, like a 747 we would see in the sky. The circle of the crater frames the ship cleanly. The jet trail points like an arrow to support it.

More to come.