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Progress on a sculpt I’m doing. Slowly chipping away at it.



Thought it might be nice to see this guy in clay with more even light to bring out the details…… it for larger……..




Well – more of the same. Early gorg explorations. The world destroyer approaches the shores, smaller gorg ships flying by. Of interest  – I tried to follow my good friend T.Noguchi in his efforts to give a distinct value to the look of the gorg. Here you can see a small experiment in matching his character to an environment within the gorg ship. I thought it could be somewhat organic like the starfish approach that Takao had taken. Shifting organic metal. More simple zbrush experimentation. I think it works though.

But alas – it was not to be. Fun though.





Early on in development I was asked to explore the interior of the gorg mothership as our characters were to visit  that location and see and the way the gorg might live. We knew the gorg were much sharper in appearance than the boov so I ran with that. I also made their environment more cold and metallic  – something that I left behind when designing the exterior of the ship. Eventually all of this was abandoned as “Tip” and “Oh” never went to the gorg mother ship. All zbrush with a spritzing in photoshop.


More soon.



Some of the ships I designed were from very early on with an organic feel to them. We were exploring the idea of crustaceans and jellyfish – the boov being more bubbly and Jelly like with their ships and tech. These were all done super fast with simple forms in zbrush to get that “cute”  innocent feel. This was one of them.



# Home

A gorg getting coffee……….or maybe killing something. One or the other. An early vis dev  piece expoloring the interior ship and life of the gorg. My very good friend Mr Takao Noguchi designed the Gorg and was kind enough to let me take the model and pose it in zbrush for some concept paintings. The gorg design was one of the coolest characters with one of the best reveals I have seen in recent memory.  More soon 😉







The final stage – poor little guy.





*Same : cropped closer.


As the machine came closer to “oh”  I really wanted to portray the David and Goliath principle multiplied by  a large number –  then add steroids to it. Scale. I sketched various forms in zbrush. Textured/lit/rendered in zbrush. Then painted in photoshop. Again – fun times. Good people. Makes a project fun to work on.




So after a few concept sketches and rough models in zbrush this was put together. I had a short turnaround on this sequence and had to put ideas out quickly for the gorg machine that would eat the earth. Having met with the director and the team a few days were spent putting  together ideas for what I thought might work and show them for inspection. Tim was sold. Mission accomplished.  Probably some of the faster work I have done in quite a while. Fun. Destruction is always fun.    😉





Invading forces.