Hey there. Been a while again. Been busy. For those not following the squares on instagram, the blog has been bare and empty. That’s about to change quite a bit……

Pretty soon I’m going to put the first small chapter of a small story online starring the little alien guy that has been seen regularly on this blog. I said this was all going somewhere and it’s about to get there very soon. Pretty much in the next few weeks actually. I’ll have a small announcement here for those that still visit. The format is not the usual “comic book ” format . It’s an experiment of sorts and it’s been fun cooking it up.


Until then ( soon) here’s an abandoned shot that got cut from the mix for the right reasons. I posted a crop of this on instagram already – but here’s the widescreen edition ;)


Cheers . Back soon.



Royal Guard.










Yeah – I know. Have not been around in a while. To be fair I was experimenting with instagram. Shame it’s not widescreen instagram. The square get’s boring after a while. Still  – it’s good to post on with quick snippets and rough screen caps. Speaking of  new stuff here’s some concept sculpt renders. A few small touches in PS. Tried to have fun with simple complimentary forms to the main face. Simple colour choices also. Threw in some moody lighting. Next – some epic landscapes and I’ll be posting the first chunk of a little scifi adventure I have been working on. Lots more going on behind the scenes .





More rust.


So -I’m experimenting with instagram.Why? well it seems good for rough thoughts and snippets of what I’m up to. Less formal and more scrappy than here. Snap shots of process in various programs etc. We’ll see how it goes – but for now it’s fun. I’m still keeping this blog going so that I can put the larger formats here since instagram is limited to squares so all of the work will still appear here. Also ( and this is well over due) I will be updating the gallery and putting works not posted into it in the near future.

Anyway – I finally put this guy into his collar last night after leaving on the hard drive for far to long. Had fun putting him into MODO and quickly bashing out a render. I might get a quick turntable done. Definitely going to get back to doing more of these. I also posted a rough capture of him in mod on instagram.

Lastly – still working on the comic strip so more on that soon also.

Back soon.

















busy 6.






Busy 5.






Busy 4.





Busy 3






> Roaring jet sound <


More of the same.

Busy 2.









Here’s a few more for the weekend. You can see the super rough approach I took in getting the shapes out in zbrush. No attention paid to legs or the hands- something I would have to deal with later as you will see next week. The first is an option B of the first smile poster below. The second : fighter parked at sunset.


Cheers all.