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Not sure if anyone stops by the blog anymore but here’s a new one.

Been a while since I posted one of these. A warm up. From the place I was made. Relaxing. Have to do more of these.



I put a crop of this on insta allready. Yeager running full tilt to escape the heat………… More at the main story on the link for ” soft days ” above. Presently working on part two.



Closer and with a dash of color variance. Also – noise of the smaller rocks in the fg against the simple washes of the bg.



Again – another simple poster design. Uniform color, graphic blacks and shapes. A bit of mystery? And again – scale…Yeager out on a ledge .




Adjusted the gallery site with some code etc …….. seems to work better?

It now loads on a phone or a tablet with a super simple interface – sorta 1995 looking , but hey… works. I’ll get something better at some point.

Anyway – look at it on a bigger screen if you can. I had wide screens in mind when I put it together.

Sketches from part two soon – some are on instagram already others I’ll post soon enough.

Here’s one you’ve probably seen already, if you have not ….head over and take a look. Link on the top – Soft days.







Tried to stay simple with this one – pictured it as a held shot with the jet trail smoking along as the ship flies forward, like a 747 we would see in the sky. The circle of the crater frames the ship cleanly. The jet trail points like an arrow to support it.

More to come.



Scale. That’s what I was shooting for with this one. I know I’d run.     ;)





Wanted to do something heroic with Yeager and have a pose with his back to us. A burning star seemed to be a good backdrop and setting for the temperature.

Also – a sketch page from the gallery of various thumbnails I did on the journey to posters.


A single panel from the story. I wanted the story to have a definite cinematic feel to it. Widescreen seemed to be the way to go and so every panel is framed in a cinematic aspect ratio. Unfortunately not so good for reading on a phone. However, on a large monitor or tablet I think it works quite well. Besides – that epic widescreen book will look great on any table ;)

I’m sketching for part two at the moment and some of those updates can be seen on instagram. A lot more will be seen here also and in a much larger size too. I’ve had a few people ask to see process and I’ll probably post some of that by way of sketches and thumbnails. To get a flavor of that you can check out the process section for part one here


Another teaser image for the story. Simple and graphic this time.